5 tips for sharing content

It’s hard to believe its mid-year already and our inbox is filling up with EOFY sales.

Where did the time go you ask?

For some, we set out at the beginning of the year with targets and to-do lists. Some we’ve accomplished 210 per cent others might need some extra attention. How are yours tracking?

If you had the best of intentions to share more content to engage with your customers and win new business but haven’t gotten around to it yet, try our 5 tips for distributing content on your channels.


Post your white paper, news article, blog, event, newsletter or review to your website and feature it on your home page to profile and draw attention to the new content.

Not only is posting new content great to keep your customers up-to-date but search engines love relevant and quality content too!


Each year we are reminded of the increasing sway of visual mediums on online channels.

In 2018, Venngage polled more than 500 online marketers to research the importance of visuals in their content marketing strategies, reporting:

“68.7 per cent of marketers said visual content was either very important or absolutely necessary. Others, saying that being 21.4 per cent said it was quite important to their marketing strategies.”

That’s a huge 90.1 per cent of marketers utilising visual content and seeing increased engagement to help attract and retain customers across their channels.

So, flip your camera and film a short grab of what you’ve produced, create an infographic or quote image to support your piece and help increase engagement.


Draft an email and circulate to your database. Include a catchy headline and key take-outs in the body text enticing your customers to take action – download, subscribe, buy, share or link to your website.


Post on your social channels either publishing the whole piece or pulling out key quotes and facts.

Tip: don’t take a blanket approach across all channels. Modify captions and images across your channels pushing out relevant stats, facts or questions to engage with different user personas and digital and social channels. For example, on Twitter use newsworthy captions with stats and facts; and Instagram, aspirational and appealing visuals.


Don’t reinvent the wheel each time. Leverage existing content in new pieces or update previous pieces with latest research or stats and repost.

Key tip: A missed opportunity we see all the time is what we call ‘divide and conquer’.

One piece of content can be split up into a collection of smaller pieces and provide you with days or weeks of posts, saving you time and helping to increase your customer engagement.

If you have a newsletter with three articles, break it up. Launch holistically and drip feed separately per article, profile piece, stats and quotes.

For events or tours, think about how you could create and leverage content prior to, during and post-event to entice and engage.

Go on give it a try! You don’t have to do all five tips but think about a piece of quality content you already have or an upcoming event and see how many ways you can divide and conquer.

But don’t forget, it’s not just about pushing out any content. Apply the ‘so what’ factor and ensure the content aligns with your business and marketing strategies, and importantly your customers. The old saying still rings true, quality over quantity.

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