Has your target audience changed since COVID-19?

Enforced changes may have resulted in altered motivations and priorities or customers may have new needs, challenges or pain points. ⁠

Take this time to reflect on how you are marketing your business, products or services and tailor your marketing with authentic messaging and ways to help solve their problem or shine a little light amidst all the doom and gloom.⁠

Here’s some questions to get you started: ⁠

  • Has your ideal customer changed? Y/N and why?⁠
  • Do you have new untapped customers? ⁠
  • Who are they? What do they like? Dislike? ⁠
  • What has changed in their life? ⁠
  • What are their current fears or challenges?⁠
  • Where are they located? In a nursing home, on a rural property, living in the suburbs, in self-isolation? How can you reach them? ⁠
  • Has COVID-19 changed their passions or outlook on life?

⁠Now take a look at your marketing content and assess if you need to refresh your messaging or content to reflect our changed world and current challenges. ⁠

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