Project Description

Global workplace design, strategy, and construction company, Unispace engaged Kite Creative and Co to write a thought-leadership piece to drive strategy enquiries from legal firms.

Unispace provided a detailed topic overview of the “importance of the ‘experiential workplace’ in attracting and retaining top legal talent – especially post- and mid-covid when employee expectations have evolved, and people are seeking greater flexibility (even in law).”

Kite Creative and Co reviewed Unispace’s internal research and external background material, and interviewed the whitepaper attributor and steering committee members to explore the ideas further and delve into detail.

Following this, Kite Creative and Co presented the whitepaper structure and content outline and drafted the whitepaper to suit their c-suite and top-tier legal firm decision makers globally.





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  • Copywriting

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“… the legal white paper you wrote has been the most successful campaign that Unispace has done in years! Still delivering leads!” 

Belinda Scott

Senior Principal, Marketing & Communications, Asia, Unispace

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