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Ocean Expeditions

Project Description

Ocean Expeditions is an international commercial charter service based in the Southern Hemisphere.

The business had a functioning but tired website which became bugged with errors when making updates.  Making changes was challenging and more time was spent fixing the fixes! So, it was agreed it was time to up-level with a new template and fresh look to mirror their capability and showcase their globally recognised expeditions. 

Prior to engaging website developer, WebRenovator, the navigation was updated to clearly reflect the businesses scope and to make it easier for prospective clients to find relevant information quickly and in the right spots! 

Kite Creative and Co also reviewed content across the site to ensure it was up-to-date, on-message and incited action.

Project Details



Ocean Expeditions


copywriting, copyediting, project management

“Your content is really great Alicia. Thank you. More interaction than we’ve ever had!”

Ben Wallis

Owner, Ocean Expeditions

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